Twine Button Wreath

Alas, I was successful at completing one item on my enormous to-do list this past weekend.  I was able to imitate the Twine Button Wreath that I spyed on Etsy by Allison from Creative Details. It didn’t take as long as I had anticipated, and I believe that my first try turned out pretty well. Now all I need to do is paint my front door a different color!!!

Here are the supplies you need to re-create this wreath yourself:

1 -10 or 12 inch styrofoam wreath

1 -package of thin jute or twine (I used the entire package)

Approximately 12-15 various sized buttons (I purchased a whole pack of multi colors from Michael’s)

Approximately 2 feet of ribbon (choose a color to complement your buttons)

Glue gun

To begin, hot glue the end of the jute to the back side of the styrofoam wreath.  Once it dries, begin wrapping the jute around the wreath form, keeping it tight and making sure that there is no space between the loops.

Continue to wrap the jute around the wreath until you completely cover the form. Once the wreath is covered, cut the jute and hot glue the end piece to the back side of the wreath.

Once the end is glued in place, allow the glue to dry. Next, begin to hot glue buttons in various sizes and colors onto the front of the wreath. It provides a better effect if you overlap someof the buttons.

Lastly, loop your ribbon through the center of the wreath and tie the endsd in either a knot or a bow (depending on your taste). The length of the ribbon may vary depending upon where you want the wreath to sit on your door or wall.

I think it turned out very well! I can’t wait to experiment with different colors and accessories! Until next time…XOXO!!!


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