Valentine’s Day Treats

I decided to be crafty this year for Valentine’s Day, and so I found and modified a recipe online that my daughter could share with her daycare friends. It was so simple and ended up being a cute little gift!


Begin by filling a large mixing bowl with half a box of honey nut cheerios.

Next, melt white chocolate in either a double broiler or the microwave and pour the melted chocolate over the cheerios.


Thoroughly mix the melted chocolate with the cheerios. Then add one bag of Valentine’s M&M’s. Continue to mix together until everything is coated with the white chocolate.


Spread the mixture onto a non-stick pan (or cover a baking sheet with easy release tin foil). Create a thin layer of the mixture and place in the refrigerator until firm.

Lastly, break the candy into smaller pieces and enjoy! We placed them in small clear bags and sealed with a tiny bow. The perfect gift!!


Until next time…XOXO!


One thought on “Valentine’s Day Treats

  1. This recipe could be modified in SO many ways I love it!!! You can do it for Easter with easter M&Ms, Fourth of July with red, white and blue ones. You could even change it up and use milk chocolate with reece’s pieces for Halloween!

    Great idea, thanks!

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