What to do with your child’s art…

Are you as frustrated as I am with trying to find a place to display all of your child’s artwork? While much of it goes on the fridge, there simply isn’t enough room to display all of it. I saw this idea somewhere, can’t quite remember where, and thought I’d try it out myself. I think it worked out pretty well. Here is what you need:

2 yards ribbon of your choice

small clothes pins

decorative tacks

All you need to do is cut your ribbon to the desired length. Make it slightly longer so it has a little slack when hanging. Allow for about 6 inches of extra ribbon to drape on either side. Once you cut the ribbon, pin it in place with some decorative push pins or tacks. Then hang your child’s artwork with mini clothes pins. I found mine at Michael’s. AND that’s it! It’s as easy as that!!!

Until next time…XOXO!!


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