Candy Bracelets

With the little one sick at home, I found this to be the perfect time to work on some projects that I have lined up. Something that I had wanted to work on was an addendum to a previous project I complete using Lucky Charms cereal to make bracelets for the girls. In the spirit of the Easter season I wanted to make another adorable, yet edible, gift for my girls. These candy bracelets are cute and girls (and boys) of any size will eat them up!

What you need:

Dental floss

Various ribbon

Sewing needles

Jelly beans

Directions: Begin by taking a strand of dental floss slightly longer than the desired length and tie a double knot in one end. Thread the opposite end through a needle and begin threading the jelly beans through. Sometimes the jelly beans can be really hard to get the needle through (I actually bent a few needles in the process), but keep adding. Continue to add the jelly beans until you reach the desired length for your bracelet.

Once you have reached your desired length, begin tying different colored/patterned ribbon about every 3 or 4 jelly beans. No exact science, just whatever looks good to you.

Continue adding ribbon until you achieve your desired effect. I leave the ends of the bracelet untied until I place it on the arm. Such a cute idea for the girls’ Easter baskets this year! XOXO!


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