Spring Break Projects!

While many people go on vacation during Spring Break, I find it much more fun and relaxing to stay home! Ok, just kidding, I’d rather be somewhere laying on a white, sandy beach having someone serve me frozen cocktails with tiny umbrellas-but, back to reality! Things change when you have little ones! So, our family stayed home, and it actually was nice and relaxing! I can’t believe how fast this week flew by, however. I’m ready for Summer break already! Oh, and by the way, I did get my frozen drinks, it just wasn’t on the beach-more like my front yard (but beggars can’t be choosers!).

During break I was able to work on a few projects. I finished a wreath for my best friend, who also gave birth to her fourth son over break! Perfect timing for me!! I used the same process as my yellow flower twine wreath. I chose colors that matched both her shower and the baby’s room. I hope the little guy likes it!!

For this wreath I used two colors of yarn instead of the twine. It was very easy to work with. Pay attention to your local craft stores and try to get it when it’s on sale.

Ok, now-someone can bring me another frozen drink-HELLO!!! Where is my butler?? Until next time, XOXO!!!


One thought on “Spring Break Projects!

  1. Seriously, I’m loving your ideas and I’m a huge fan of these yarn wreaths. I posted about them a while back on my blog too but with a new baby I haven’t had time to try and create one yet…lol. Someday!

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