Super Simple Breakfast Ideas!

This one is sure to please everyone in the family! I had heard about this trick years ago and have always wanted to try it, but never got around to it. So, what a better time than Spring Break??!!

Here are all the things you need:



Cheese (or anything you might want in an omelet)

I add a bit of skim milk to fluff up the eggs, but it’s optional

Ziplock bags


To begin, scrable your eggs and add your salt, pepper, and any other ingredients you desire. Today I only added milk and cheddar cheese.

Next, pour the egg mixture into a ziplock bag. I used a small sandwich bag because I only did one egg, but you can choose a larger bag if you are making more. Pop that bad boy into the microwave for about 1 minute and voila!!! Ready to eat omelet!

This little deal slips right out of the bag already in omelet form!!  How much easier could you get? One thing I learned from this, however, is I probably would recommend using a heavier ziplock bag because the thin one I used started melting before my minute was up. Possibly a freezer bag would be easier.

You can also make up several of these and freeze them until you want to use. This would be great for a hectic morning that doesn’t allow for too much breakfast preparation! Enjoy…XOXO!


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