Sweetening up the summer!

Sometimes something fruity and frozen can really sweeten up your day! Yesterday I thought I would take a mixture of frozen berries, ice, and Crystal Light lemonade , blend it up and make a fabulous frozen treat! This is perfect to help you cool off those hot summer days. You could also take the mixture and make frozen popsicles for the kiddies (or yourself). This was so easy to do and took less than 3 minutes!

What you need:

frozen fruit (I used a berry mix with no added sugar)

one packet of Crystal Light lemonade (Use approximately half)

one cup of water

2 cups of ice


Toss all of the ingredients into a blender and mix! Voila!! You may need to add additional water to get the consistency you desire. This would also be great with a little added rum or vodka (for the older ones, of course)!


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