Back to School Snack

After perusing my new fav site, Pinterest, I found this adorable snack that I decided to send my little one on her first day at day care as a 2 year old!!! Ok, so that’s not really that exciting, but since she’s not in pre-school yet, this is my pre-school mommy crafting time!

Items Needed:

Kix or another small round cereal (I used Berry Kix for the pink effect)

Plastic baggies

Clothes pins

Glitter or paint (to decorate the clothes pins)


Pipe Cleaners (I used white, but you could surely use colored)



I started by adhering the glitter to each clothes pin (one side only) with regular Elmer’s Glue. I let them dry for a few minutes and shook the excess glitter off. Next, I filled the plastic bags with kix. Not too much so the bag can be pinched into wings. Then, I clamped the bags with the clothes pin to make the shape of the wings. I inserted the pipe cleaner antennae, which I molded by hand…and…voila! Done! Super simple, super cute and I know the kids will eat ’em up tomorrow at daycare!

Until next time…XOXO!!




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