What to do with those wine corks?

If you’re a wine drinker like me…and a crafter…you feel guilty just tossing the old wine corks. So the question is: What can you do with used wine corks? If you look online you can find tons of ideas from wreaths to bath mats (tried that one and it was a disaster!!) to decorative cork boards. I didn’t need any of those other items, so I thought I could do something simple AND practical!

As a parent of 3 small children, I am bombarded with artwork, letters from school, report cards, and the like. Where does all this go? The refrigerator, of course! Wine Cork Magnets!! The perfect idea! What else would you hang kids’ artwork with…(cough)??

It was super simple and took no time at all. I just needed to find a knife sharp enough to cut the cork in half lengthwise. Once that was done, I cut a small piece of magnet to fit across the cork. Some super glue…and that’s all she wrote! How cute and easy!!
March 13 133

March 13 134

Until next time…XOXO!!


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