Revamped Bulletin Board

bulletin 5

I don’t think it’s a new discovery that a laundry room is so hard to make “pretty.” I’ve seen pictures of gorgeous laundry rooms, but sometimes you just have to deal with what you’ve got…and my laundry room leaves a lot to be desired!

One of the things I have in my laundry room is an old bulletin board (from high school) that I use to hang receipts and take-out menus…not a novel idea, but it works for me! So I decided to do my best to make this dull corkboard into something a little more appealing.
I started by buying a yard of material that coordinated with my wall colors, which are a light grey-ish.

Then, I glued the fabric to the front side of the corkboard so that it folded behind the board tightly.
bulletin 4

The last simple step was to punch brass tacks along the wooden frame of the corkboard.
bulletin 2

Super simple and it turned out gorgeous!!! It really helps to brighten up that small little laundry room (even if no one but me sees it!!)!
bulletin 3
Until next time…XOXO!!


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