10 Simple Ways to Save Money

Let’s face it…unless you’re one of the Kardashian sisters who gets paid for who knows what (don’t get me wrong, I’d trade places with one of ’em for a few weeks), chances are you could stand to save a few bucks. Every time I see an article about saving money, they tell you the major ways that you can save. I decided to compile a list of some really small and simple changes that can add up to major savings in the long run! Enjoy!

1. Turn off your ceiling fans when you’re not home. They really don’t make your house cooler, they make you FEEL cooler. So, ultimately, you don’t need it running when you’re not home.

2. Buy lunch off the dollar menu. Ok, we all KNOW we shouldn’t eat out because it can add up, but the reality is that sometimes we have to. Most of the items on the dollar menu are a substantial size anyway, but you could buy two double cheeseburgers for less than the cost of a quarter pound burger. Most times, if you go into a restaurant they will give you a cup of water for free.

3. Speaking of fast food restaurants…save all of the extra condiments and napkins they give you. It may not be much, but they totally come in handy for children!

4. Check out places online to get freebies. Lots of sites will send you free samples of different products. Check back often to get samples of things like toilet paper, laundry detergent, lotion and pet food. I often visit Walmart’s site for some good freebies.

5. Portion your meat. With prices at the grocery store rising, we can all use a little help when it comes to saving money here. I like to buy larger portions of meat and then package them in different serving sizes once I get home. For example, if you buy a 2 lb package of ground beef, separate it into one 1 lb section and two 1/2 lb sections. Refreeze once you’re finished. This way you aren’t always using a full lb of meat when you don’t necessarily need it. It will make for a lot less waste and keep your wallet fat.

6. Unplug unused items. I know we’ve all heard this one before, but it really can help to add up. Let’s be honest, though. There is no way I’m going to unplug every single item that I’m not using just to go back and re-plug it when I want to use it again…plus I like knowing what time it is every time I turn my head! But, unplug those items that you really don’t use often like toasters, phone chargers, curling irons, coffee pots…OR you can buy power strips to plug in an abundance of items and simply unplug them all with one swipe of the hand.

7. Every few months try making meals using EVERYTHING in your pantry. Ok, not everything at once, but try using those creative juices and use the items you have rather than buying more stuff and continuously stockpiling. There are great websites that allow you to punch in the ingredients you have and it comes up with a fabulous recipe just for you!! Try visiting SuperCook for some ideas!

8. Utilize the internet. Often I find coupon codes for free movie rentals or great coupons for items I use. There are so many pages on Facebook that you can follow that share coupon deals and give tips on how to save money. I like to follow The Krazy Coupon Lady!

9. Buy your cards at the Dollar Tree. Actually you can save lots of money buying certain things at the Dollar Tree. Cards are $.50 a piece. No one really saves cards anyway…so why spend $3 or $4 at the larger stores?

10. Buy the storebrand. There are some things that we can just not negotiate on. Toiletpaper is one of them…BUT there are many things that are just as good in the storebrand and cost so much less, EVEN with coupons! Take advantage of not falling into the marketing traps these companies put forth!


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