End of Year Teacher Gifts

Throughout the year, we have come up with some clever ways to acknowledge our kids’ teachers for the hard work they put in each day educating and caring for our children. As this school year comes to a close, I’ve been perusing my favorite craft blogs and Pinterest for some creative ideas to show the teachers one last time how much they are appreciated. I’ve compiled a “short list” of some of the best ideas!


Love this cute coffee treat from Keeping up with the Kiddos!

teacher frame

I don’t know who to give credit to for this adorable chalkboard! Such a great idea for a teacher’s door!

teacher drink

This spouted pitcher from Pinned Sisters is stuffed with tons of fun summer gifts that a teacher can enjoy!

teachers plant

We did something like this last year! Such a thoughtful gift that will remind the teacher of your child as they watch the plant grow! Check out Frills, Fluff and Trucks!


As a teacher myself, I love practical gifts that I can use in the classroom. Slice of Heaven has this gift nailed!

There are so many gifts that show our teachers how much they are appreciated! Personally, I love simply hearing “Thank you!” from my students. Keep checking back for more great ideas! Until next time…XOXO!


Revamped Bulletin Board

bulletin 5

I don’t think it’s a new discovery that a laundry room is so hard to make “pretty.” I’ve seen pictures of gorgeous laundry rooms, but sometimes you just have to deal with what you’ve got…and my laundry room leaves a lot to be desired!

One of the things I have in my laundry room is an old bulletin board (from high school) that I use to hang receipts and take-out menus…not a novel idea, but it works for me! So I decided to do my best to make this dull corkboard into something a little more appealing.
I started by buying a yard of material that coordinated with my wall colors, which are a light grey-ish.

Then, I glued the fabric to the front side of the corkboard so that it folded behind the board tightly.
bulletin 4

The last simple step was to punch brass tacks along the wooden frame of the corkboard.
bulletin 2

Super simple and it turned out gorgeous!!! It really helps to brighten up that small little laundry room (even if no one but me sees it!!)!
bulletin 3
Until next time…XOXO!!

Easter Centerpieces

While perusing the internet, specifically my personal addiction, Pinterest (yes, I’m obsessed!), I have come across so many adorable versions of the peep easter centerpiece. I compiled several pictures for you, for inspiration (please let me know if you are familiar with the originator so I may give them credit). The first one is my copycat creation! Happy Easter!
March 13 107







Until next time…XOXO!!

What to do with those wine corks?

If you’re a wine drinker like me…and a crafter…you feel guilty just tossing the old wine corks. So the question is: What can you do with used wine corks? If you look online you can find tons of ideas from wreaths to bath mats (tried that one and it was a disaster!!) to decorative cork boards. I didn’t need any of those other items, so I thought I could do something simple AND practical!

As a parent of 3 small children, I am bombarded with artwork, letters from school, report cards, and the like. Where does all this go? The refrigerator, of course! Wine Cork Magnets!! The perfect idea! What else would you hang kids’ artwork with…(cough)??

It was super simple and took no time at all. I just needed to find a knife sharp enough to cut the cork in half lengthwise. Once that was done, I cut a small piece of magnet to fit across the cork. Some super glue…and that’s all she wrote! How cute and easy!!
March 13 133

March 13 134

Until next time…XOXO!!

Fun T-shirt Scarf!


I saw this idea on Pinterest, and like so many other WONDERFUL ideas, I wanted to try it. It was super easy, but I honestly don’t know if I would ever actually wear it in public for fear of someone thinking the shirt I was wearing had accidentally been attacked by the airport escalator…

Moving along!

It was quite simple. I started by taking an old t-shirt and cutting the arms and collar off.


Then I began to cut half inch strips about halfway up the remaining material. After I cut the strips completely around the material I pulled each strip to give it a smoother and more rugged appearance…that sounds so contradictory…it makes sense, I promise!


Then you’re DONE! Easy as that! Like I said, however, it looked so much more HIP on the Pinterest model. Oh well, you win some, you lose some. I think if you have that “style” it can really be an effective accessory! Let me know if it works for you!


Until next time…XOXO!!!

Back to School Snack

After perusing my new fav site, Pinterest, I found this adorable snack that I decided to send my little one on her first day at day care as a 2 year old!!! Ok, so that’s not really that exciting, but since she’s not in pre-school yet, this is my pre-school mommy crafting time!

Items Needed:

Kix or another small round cereal (I used Berry Kix for the pink effect)

Plastic baggies

Clothes pins

Glitter or paint (to decorate the clothes pins)


Pipe Cleaners (I used white, but you could surely use colored)



I started by adhering the glitter to each clothes pin (one side only) with regular Elmer’s Glue. I let them dry for a few minutes and shook the excess glitter off. Next, I filled the plastic bags with kix. Not too much so the bag can be pinched into wings. Then, I clamped the bags with the clothes pin to make the shape of the wings. I inserted the pipe cleaner antennae, which I molded by hand…and…voila! Done! Super simple, super cute and I know the kids will eat ’em up tomorrow at daycare!

Until next time…XOXO!!



I’m Baaaaaccckkk!!

Most people think that summertime is a time to kick back and relax, catch up on all of the things you were too busy to get around to during the year…but not this girl. My original intentions for the summer were just that, but life gets in the way. After completing two internships, coaching cheerleading, and being a mom and wife, I discovered that summer flew by me and I hadn’t blogged at all!! So much for my New Year’s Resolution!

But, school is starting on Tuesday and I’m back to normal! Back to blogging about great ideas that I discover, and sometimes even attempt myself. One huge project that I’m working on is a wine cork bath mat. I’m half way through this tedious project, but am excited to share it with you all soon. I am also crafting some new wreaths for the fall and FOOTBALL season!!!

For now, I leave you with a quick recipe for a cleansing facial. Everyone has these items in your pantry and fridge, so it’s super easy to throw together and make yourself feel and look better!

Baking Soda Lemon Exfoliating Face

Lemon juice
Baking Soda
In a small bowl, add about 2 tbs baking
soda. Slowly apply lemon juice. The mixture will foam and fizz. Apply enough
juice to make a thin, loose paste. Apply to skin in a circular motion for a
minute or 2. Rinse with a warm cloth and water. Smooth, clear skin!
I found this recipe at http://naturalfacialrecipes.homestead.com/facecleanserrecipes.html and found it so easy to whip up! I hope you all find it to be the same! Until next time…XOXO!!

For the Redneck in your life…

Thanks to the blog “A Fish Who Likes Flowers,” I located the perfect gift for those rednecks close to your heart! Who could possibly pass up the opportunity to hang one of these gems from their porch?? Loving a redneck means that you will have ample tools (ie. beer cans) to easily craft this wind chime! Bonus points if the cans you have are PBR!! Check out Bethany and her blog here.

Until next time…XOXO!

Felt Flower Hair Clip

Since I have vowed not to cut my daughter’s hair for a long time, I find that I have to come up with creative ways to keep the hair out of her eyes. Bows are great, but sometimes I’m looking for something a tad different. I decided to take materials from which I had made a wreath and turn it into a cute floral clip.



Silver bead


Metal alligator clip

Hot glue gun


I began by cutting out four sections of the felt material in decreasing sizes.

Next, I burned the edges with a lighter to give it a solid, defined edge.


Then I glued the largest part of the flower to the alligator clip and continued gluing each layer on until I finished it up with the bead.

It makes an adorable adornment for any girls hair! You could also glue it to a pin and pin it on a shirt or sweater for adults and kisd alike!

Until next time…XOXO!